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The future is here and now!

Stomatologija i estetika dentist's office shapes your prosthetic or orthodontic replacement with impeccable precision of the latest advances in dental medicine. For a sophisticated result our choice is modern tehnology. Based on our expertise, surgery and laboratory are state-of-the-art equipped with the most advanced technological aids such as 3Shape intraoral scanner, Carestream CBCT, CAD CAM miling machines as well as 3D printers that help us turn desires into reality.

Digital printing solutions

Digital dental technology compared to conventional one is much more comfortable for the patient, of maximal accuracy and provide the laboratory with an accurate occlusal registration (a precise bite registration technique). High intraoral scanning accuracy offers precise dental products, enable realisitic color map for comparison of hard- and soft-tissue, thus facilitating the work of the dentist, dental technician and actively involve the patient in the process itself.

Digital printing solutions

Patient follow-up

Scanning and comparison with the previous situation allows us to track changes over time and to easily detect changes as well as to prevent problems in the early stages of development.

Patient follow-up

Digital treatment planning

  • Dental crowns
  • Dental veneers
  • Dental bridges
  • Complete Digital Implant Workflow
  • Surgical stent for dental implants
  • Invisible braces
Digital treatment planning



Free initial medical consultation with your specialist, CBCT, intraoral scanning.


In dental laboratory 3D designer in medical collaboration with a doctor works on a proposal design. Based on design suggestions, with 3D printer we create realistic models for the so-called 3D mock-up.


Without previous procedures, a mock-up template shows off what your design will actually look like when it's put out into your mouth. This step helps if you are not sure if you want the procedure at all.


Procedure according to the accepted proposal.


"Stomatologija i estetika" dentist's office is equipped with an innovative CBCT system, the latest technological achievement of digital diagnostic radiology.

The three-dimensional (3D) display allows accurate visualisation of tooth structure, and is preferred by our patients and dentists because of the speed and simplicity of the high-resolution scanning, which allows a greater reliance on the results of the scanning for precise diagnosis, which is the basis of therapy and that precisely selects the best implant placement. All of these advantages are achieved by significantly reduced radiation doses to the patient, without compromising the image quality.

The future is here and now!

3Shape Intraoral Scanner

To obtain the best possible results, we use the most advanced technology, the Trios 3Shape intraoral scanner, which excludes any possibility of human error, while multiple visits to the dentist's office are reduced to just a few hours of work. High-quality prints of real colours recorded in a series of different bite positions are created completely painlessly, safely and without any discomfort, and in the shortest possible time without taking prints in a classical way, the mucous membrane color, color, pigmentation and tooth shape, the relationship between teeth and their delimitation and the difference between the edge of the preparation and soft tissue are

3Shape Intraoral Scanner

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