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Dental prosthetics

Dental crowns and tooth bridges

Dental crowns and tooth bridges known as dental caps, ceramics or porcelain crowns are prosthetic substitute that serves as aesthetic and functional reconstruction.

They are used in implant cases to replace natural teeth that are badly damaged or aesthetically unacceptable. They can be placed over your tooth that has been reshaped to fit replacement crown or over placed dental implant to replace missing tooth in a row. Dental crowns and tooth bridges are made out of dental porcelain or dental composite applied to construction which can be cast (cobalt-chromium, gold alloy) or made by CAD/CAM technology (zirconium oxide, aluminium oxide, titanium, cobalt-chromium).

Dental crowns and tooth bridges

Types of crowns and bridges

Dental bridge is tooth replacement option when you're missing one or more teeth in the same area. Crowns and bridges are basically divided into two categories:

- All Ceramic Metal-Free Crowns i.e. zirconia crowns and e.max

- Metal-ceramic crowns / bridges

All Ceramic Metal-Free Crowns

Metal free crowns are pinnacle of modern dentistry. Over the last few years, they have become a standard in high aesthetic restorative work and work in the front part of the jaw.

Production process is completely digital (CAD/CAM), all applied material is classified as biocompatible and selected to meet individual needs. The advantage of these crowns is the impossibility of the appearance of “black lines” on the caps of your front teeth, because the construction is completely metal free, so there is no metal’s edge underneath your caps that may be showing because your gums are slightly receding or maturing.

Metal-Free crowns are the preferred choice of our patients.

Metal-Ceramic Crowns

Metal-ceramic crowns are made of biocompatible alloys covered by a special ceramic material or dental porcelain. The base metal alloy systems most commonly used in dentistry today include cobalt-chromium, dental gold or titanium alloys.

There are:

Metal-Ceramic: the greatest advantage over other material is its affordable price.

Golden ceramic - gold is the noblest of all the metals and the oldest dental restorative material.

Titanium ceramics - is widely used for constructing implant devices.

Metal-Ceramic Crowns



The size of the teeth must be reduced to accommodate the bridge or crown, so the dentist will grind down selected teeth.


Next, the dentist will take either classical or digital dental impressions and send them to laboratory for crown or bridge fabrication.


At the end of procedure the dentist checks the fit before cementing permanent dental crowns and bridges in place.

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