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Teeth whitening

Teeth colour

Tooth discolouration is a major aesthetic problem. Nowadays, a healthy, beautiful and radiant smile is one of the greatest aesthetic features of any person.

To ensure that your teeth are white, we use state-of-the-art technology and methods. To whiten your teeth, we use a ZOOM® lamp, BIOLASE laser for whitening and bleaching with splints.

Enamel is responsible for the white glow of the teeth, which becomes thinner through wear, which is why they assume a darker shade as the underlying dentine colour becomes apparent. There are different causes that can lead to tooth discolouration: genetic and degenerative changes, through taking vitamin and mineral preparations, antibiotics, consuming of coloured foods and beverages, and ageing. Poor dental hygiene is also one of the causes of tooth discoloration.

Teeth colour

Teeth whitening methods

  • The most modern and best option is to have your teeth bleached at our clinic using a ZOOM® lamp in a single visit with a treatment lasting 90-minutes.
  • Bleaching at the clinic using Ultra boost gel over two visits with each visit lasting about 60 minutes.
  • Bleaching with splints made on the basis of the jaw print, with the application of a gel based on hydrogen peroxide (H202), concentrated as directed by the physician for two to four weeks, 60 minutes per day.
Teeth whitening methods

Is teeth whitening harmful?

A lot of research has been carried out to determine the harmfulness of professional bleaching to the structure of teeth, the result of which draws a common conclusion that professional whitening is in no way harmful to the dental tissue. Moreover, modern agents which, in their composition, contain a high concentration of fluoride additionally help to provide better mineralisation and greater resistance to caries after the treatments have been carried out. Patients who have undergone professional teeth whitening say that they have consequently improved their hygienic habits, become more aware of the importance of oral health and started having more regular dental check-ups.

The teeth whitening process is based on active oxygen penetrating the enamel where it attaches to the pigment compounds and is then decomposed by the oxidation process, changing the colour of the teeth making them brighter.

Is teeth whitening harmful?

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