This winter in the "Stomatologija i estetika" clinic, we have decided to cheer you up with a 25% discount on premium zirconia ceramic crowns designed by Dr. Goran Jovicevic!

Our practice specialises in the field of aesthetic and restorative dental medicine, and all the work performed in our laboratory is equipped with the latest CAD/CAM technology to produce prosthetic titanium and zirconia constructions which are aesthetically pleasing and can tolerate the greatest of demands in the shortest time. The laboratory is located at the same address, so the whole process is significantly accelerated.


The most popular choice for our patients, zircon-ceramic crowns are produced entirely without any metal elements and therefore have the advantage of not displaying the so called "black edge" due to receding gums. All materials are biocompatible.

This type of dental crown is of the highest quality and in the last few years it has become standard in restorative works offering quality aesthetics and work undertaken on the frontal part of the jaw. The entire fabrication process is FULLY-DIGITAL, which means that we use all the latest 3D and digital tools to achieve the most accurate results possible.


In our dental laboratory, a 3D designer, in collaboration with a doctor, designs a model based on the suggested design for your future work. We create a realistic model forming a so-called mock-up, using a 3D printer.

The template is inserted directly into your mouth without any previous procedures necessary. This step helps if you are unsure as to whether you want to proceed with the full procedure and to let you see what the work will look like at the end of the therapy.


All you need to do is call us or send us an enquiry via the website or by email. If you make an appointment for the first free specialist examination, just mention “discounts in December” and you will receive a discount!


The "SIE team" wishes you a great holiday!